Swedish Massage (30 min) $40 (60 min) $75

Long, soothing strokes improves your circulation relieves muscle tension and increases mobility

Deep Tissue Massage (30 min) $45 (60 min) $85

Firm strokes and deep, focused pressure reaches the deeper layers of muscle, reducing muscle spasms and tension

Hot Stone Massage (60 min)$85

Special massage techniques, essential oils and hot stones promote physical and spiritual healing. A new level of relaxation.

Foot Reflexology:

Using ancient Asian techniques and knowledge, reflex points in the feet that correspond to each organ of the body are stimulated, balancing energy and restoring well-being while leaving you relaxed.

(30 min.) $35 

(20 min.) $25

(10 min.) $15

Head Massage (30 min.) $45

Massage with pressure point technique in the head and neck helps relieve tension throughout the body, helping sinus congestion, headaches, and eye strain.

Aromatherapy (60 min.) $85

It combines Swedish massage with essential oils to soothe the mind & body. Depending on the oils used they can reduce anxiety and tension, increase body energy, balance your hormones, protect the immune system, and staminate the respiratory system.

Couple’s Massage (60 min.) $200

Select between Swedish or Deep Tissue massages with added essential oils and hot stones to soothe the mind and body. Improve circulation and reduce tension throughout the body.